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HoloWAN Network Impairment Emulator

HoloWAN is a high-end Network Impairment Emulator used to simulate complex network Impairment such as delay and packet loss in WAN, which can simulate most network links. Combining advanced technology and humanized design, it is accurate, reliable and easy to use.

What network environments can HoloWAN emulate?

Whether it is ADSL, SDH special line and other wired networks, or WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, satellite communication and other wireless networks, the factors that affect the application in the message transmission process are these: limited bandwidth, Delay, packet loss, jitter, out of order, repeated message, error code. The final transmission quality of the entire network, regardless of how many nodes pass through, can be measured by these factors, so HoloWAN can be used to simulate any Ethernet environment.


HoloWAN is easy to deploy

Any of the HoloWAN Emulation Engines (two physical network ports make up one Engine) can be directly connected to any link in the network in the form of a transparent bridge.

The two ports of the HoloWAN Emulation Engine do not have IP addresses or MAC addresses, which does not affect the existing network topology.

HoloWAN's Emulation Engine is independent of the network between the management interface, which can customize IP addresses for easy remote management.