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HoloWAN Product comparison sheet

This manual lists all the conventional models of the HoloWAN wan emulator and provides a tabular comparison of performance and functionality to help you choose the most appropriate HoloWAN product.

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Verify the accuracy of HoloWAN with Spirent


HoloWAN Recorder: software for recording a network environment

HoloWAN Recorder can send as many as 10 probes per second to detect network latency and packet loss. Users can customize the probe message size, and the round-trip delay of each probe and whether packet loss occurs are recorded and shown in a chart.

HoloWAN Recorder can also save delay, packet loss and jitter data within a period of time and export them as database files, which can be imported into HoloWAN for real network environment simulation.

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HoloWAN Record网络分析软件界面