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Zergling, HoloWAN's predecessor

Zergling, named after the Zergling dog from the popular real-time strategy game starcraft, is the first Ethernet tester developed by the company. Zergling was the most cost-effective Ethernet performance tester of its time.

Before Zergling came out, we always saw a lot of American tester when we went to Huawei for business trip, so we took a huge risk to leave our original enterprise and set up MSY information technology co., LTD. We developed Zergling, the first china-made network tester, over a year and a half. I'm sure our first customers will remember this mini tester.


The first HoloWAN was launched in 2010

Due to our technical accumulation in the field of network testing, as well as the rise of three-network fusion and real-time network applications, the first generation of HoloWAN network Impairment emulator was launched in 2010.

Although the first generation of HoloWAN was young, it quickly gained recognition from customers with its absolute cost performance, accurately simulated basic network damages such as bandwidth, delay, packet loss, and disordered order, and solved the network adaptability testing requirements of some VOIP and network video applications.


We launched the second generation HoloWAN in 2013

Three years of sharpening the sword, the second generation of HoloWAN came on schedule in 2013, launched three models of 100Mbps, 1000Mbps, 10GE hardware, and launched HoloWAN pro software.

In addition to the improvement in accuracy and reliability, the second-generation HoloWAN also brings powerful functions such as packet filtering, rich types of network jitter, and recording and playback of network environments.


The third-generation HoloWAN was launched in 2015

The third generation of HoloWAN adopts a new hardware scheme, adopts a plug-in hardware structure, and is compatible with RJ45, SFP and SFP+ on one hardware

On the software side, the third generation of HoloWAN has optimized queue control algorithms, added advanced features such as packet content modification, and added support for the GRE tunneling protocol.

In 2015, HoloWAN was recognized and purchased by representative users such as Huawei, The 5th academy of astronautics, China electric power research institute, China institute of telecommunications, institute of computing technology of the Chinese academy of sciences, institute of integrated electronics of the Chinese academy of sciences, and China mobile.


The capture package analysis function was launched in 2019

In 2019, HoloWAN has already provided "Pixel", a function of capturing packet analysis and transparency of network Impairment, to some test users. Pixel is our redefinition of a network Impairment tester that can not only simulate the network environment, but also analyze the root cause of the problem.

Pixel will officially meet with users in 2020. In 2019 HoloWAN will redefine the network damage simulator.

HoloWAN has declared war on American brands again and again, and gained ground again and again, becoming an outstanding representative of Chinese scientific research force in the field of network damage meter.